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Visual Outdoor donates ad space to Anti-Meth campaign

April 05, 2006

Visual Outdoor donates ad space to Anti-Meth campaign
K-9s, Meth signs target schools

Discouraging drug use among students is a priority of law enforcement.

Alerting to the dangers of drugs - especially methamphetamine - is a priority of Union County Family Connection.

While the two are not connected in their operations, both were present just prior to spring break at the campus of schools in Blairsville.

K-9's from several law enforcement agencies visited Union County High School in a drug search operation and a demonstration at the Primary School prior to spring break.

Sgt. Fred Yarbrough, Task Force Commander for the Dawson County sheriff's office K-9 Task Force, was joined by several others in searching parking lots, school buildings and classrooms. In Union for the operation were Dep. Scott Boggus and Lt. Ken Jarrard of the Dawson County Sheriff's office; Federal agent Robert Burnette of the United States Forest Service; Dep. Aaron Autry of the White County Sheriff's office; and Sgt. Chad Deyton of the Union County Sheriff's office.

School Resource officer Ken Flood accompanied the K-9 handlers during their operation on the school grounds.

The drug dogs alerted on several vehicles.

At Union County Primary School, students were given a demonstration on how the dogs are trained.

A volunteer had a sleeve put onto his arm. The dog was given a command and immediately grabbed the arm with his teeth and held on (dogs are trained to bite the first thing presented).

When the dogs were searching the parking lot at the high school, a mobile billboard truck was parked on the parking lot.

Terry Poteete, owner of Visual Outdoor Advertising, has donated the billboards warning against the dangers of methamphetamine, said Family Connection Coordinator Tim Grizzle.

Grizzle said the message is clear - use methamphetamine and its consequences or choose life.

There is a billboard along Highway 515 in Union County.

Source: North Georgia News, April 2006
Written by Norman Cooper
North Georgia News Editor

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