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Visual Outdoor Advertising donates ad space to the Union County Humane Society

November 28, 2007

Visual Advertising donates space to Humane Society
Local business man, Terry Poteete, has helped the Humane Society get the Spay/Neuter message to over 6,000 drivers per day. Mr. Poteete is the owner of Visual Outdoor Advertising, LLC, and owns over 70 billboard locations in Georgia and North Carolina with offices in Blairsville and Lilburn. He has donated billboard space and installation for the 12 x 24 foot sheet, which he will move to different locations when they become available.

The Spay/Neuter billboard features a simple Stop! the animal overpopulation caused by unaltered animals and is currently located on Highway 129 North across from South Mauney Road.

The Humane Society, North Georgia SPCA, Dr. Patty Barnes, and Dr. Kirk Vardeman are sponsoring a Cat Neuterthon on December 1st at Hiawassee Animal Hospital on December 5, 2007 at the Union County Veterinary Clinic. The $35 fee includes neutering and a rabies shot. Cats must be crated, must fast the night before, and appointments MUST be made through the HSMS by calling 706-781-3843.....

Source..11/28/2007 North Georgia News

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